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Dear Parents and childcare providers!

Welcome to Ebor nannies. Agency were you can find a childcare provider or a nanny with help of our dedicated and friendly recruitment consultants.

We are proud of our achievements and abilities to match families and nannies and to build a good relationship with both sides.

We provide qualified nannies with long term commitments as well as nannies who are happy to work on temporary basis or help parents over holiday period.

We are a leading London Nanny Agency who provides nannies to families in the UK.




Our experienced, friendly and committed recruitment specialists are here to help you and answer all your questions. We are proud of our ability to successfully match parents and nannies and create a good relationship with both sides.


Our nannies are expected:

To be responsible for the care, safety and development of the children in their care at all times, including:

  • Getting children ready for school, give breakfast, get dressed, sometimes walk to school
  • Liaise with school, teachers, health professionals
  • Pick up from school/take to after school activities/ play dates
  • Help settle the children into school
  • Attend school trips or help in class
  • Help with homework, projects
  • As required, get ready for bed
  • During school holidays organize activities, play dates, day out
  • Prepare nutritionally balanced food
  • Take the children to local doctors, dentists
  • Work with mother to maintain good manners
  • With prior arrangements undertake babysitting on weekdays and weekends
  • Any other childcare related tasks the employer requires

Housekeeping duties:

  • Clean up areas used by children on a daily basis
  • Tidy children bedrooms
  • Buy food or other household requirements
  • Undertake other reasonable tasks and errands relating to the house and children
  • Prepare food
  • Any other light housekeeping duties the employer requires




Nannies approach towards children and working with parents:

   England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have slightly different approach to the early years’ education. We are proud of our nannies; they have got a vast experience working for families in the UK.

  All those nations have some common approach to the care and education of children. They are: partnership and involvement with parents, learning through active play, need for children to have opportunities for child-initiated and adult-led activities, education programme is to be delivered holistically although divided into areas of learning and importance of assessing children`s individual needs.

  It`s very important that children are seen as individuals. They`ve got different needs and interests which should be looked at and helped with. Children come from different backgrounds, that means they have different needs. Nannies should have a different approach to help children to recognize and develop their full potential. Every child should have the opportunity to grow and learn.

   Nannies should also take extra care of child`s emotional well-being. It`s very important that children feel safe and protected. Children start spending more time away from their parents so it`s important that they grow in stable environment where they are protected from emotional and physical dangers.

   When the nanny provides proper environment for the child, that child will learn and develop. It`s also important that children have opportunities to have different experiences and availability of resources. It is very important to be a good role model because, as it’s been proven by psychologist Albert Bandura in his experiment where he showed a film with different endings to small children which resulted in the children to imitate the actions on the movie, children learn mostly by imitating other children and adults. That’s why often we say that the child behaves like his/her mum or dad or that he/she “brings” certain behaviours from school or playground.

   To learn how to love children need to know they are loved no matter what they do. If they misbehave, do something wrong, they must know it’s the unacceptable behaviour we don’t like, not them. Also to learn how to love children need to be able to experience self-love and self-respect. To achieve that they need to be told and shown they are loved, by healthy affection and good quality time spent with them, not just assume that they know. All these teach the children to be the same loving and affectionate when they grow up.

   Self-help skills are very important for every human. Developing them during childhood always benefits in adulthood. Every single child will become an adult and whether he/she will be able to manage his/her adult life well depends on the skills they learn throughout their childhood. Praising them for little achievements or just the attempts to achieve something is a key to building up their confidence and an attitude of not giving up when things go wrong. For every single one of us to know and experience that we have the ability to help ourselves, thanks to our self-help skills, in any situation, good or bad, makes us feel more relaxed and happy and in the same way makes our life happier.


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